A little bit of this and that

Wimbledon snippets
Well done, Paradorn. I was at the gym when I saw you losing in the first set. I came home an hour later, had a leisurely dinner, checked my emails, turned on the telly … and you and that Mutis fellow were still playing!
The Rusedski – Roddick match going on now is so frighteningly powerful, I almost dare not watch. I’d hate to be the ball boy.
Geek snippets
I have successfully proven the theory supported by several geeks (including my IT manager) that Dell laptops look unbelievably cheap in advertisements but when you add it all up, other respectable laptop brands may also give the same features (already included, not as options) for a lower price.
Apart from that little diversion, I’ve been terribly busy this week and I fear things will get even more hectic in the weeks to come.


  1. Denyse

    Oh my goodness! I got a similar call last week from a tour agency offering me a free gift too! Sensing something fishy, I told her straight out I could not be bothered to go down and collect anything and she was ok about it. Your experience was pretty bad, tho. How rude! I hate these calls. Get a lot of hotels calling and trying to sell me memberships to their ‘clubs’ which aren’t all bad but on principle, I just won’t bow to these harrassment tactics.

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