How NOT to write on the web

I’ve been looking around for good graduate schools for Law and Mass Communication, and came across the USNews forum which was mentioned in the 2003 grad school guidebook. It was a little frustrating parting with eighteen bucks only to find that there were only a few pages in the guidebook covering the latter subject, so I decided to check out the site.
And then yours truly got a little distracted with some of the weird stuff people were posting on the forum. For instance, you’d think that mass comm students would at least get their basic spelling and grammar right, especially if they’re intending to proceed to university level:
“i am doing a diploma in mass communication in singapore. i wish to knoe more about the better university in america for the course…”
And the next message I came across from another poster, is plain funny. Anal-yse this!
“i had some difficulties pushing up my anal. scores and i wonder whether there is any good reference materials for preparations, to push up the scores ?…”
Maybe he should stop taking such long toilet breaks >;-)