Straits Times ad upside down?

Straits Times ad - upside down?!
My colleague alerted me to this. At first, I thought she was referring to our Mental Wellness campaign ad, where you can turn the frowney face around and it will become a smiley face. However, this looks like an ordinary ad for travel offers.
Mistake or not, it definitely got our attention!


  1. Kevin

    I’ve seen upside ads like these in small town newspapers here in the States. The newspaper industry really getting hit with low ad revenues 😛

  2. NTT

    I have also seen this and another one from the same company which was 90 degrees turned.
    Somehow… I feel it might be a viral marketing campaign..

  3. walter

    Back when I was working in you know where, the standing rule for such things is that you better be prepared to look for another job. And to do it fast too!

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