Dalat so far

Our internet connection has finally been restored after 2-3 days of sporadic availability. We’re going on tour today and I hope the persistent drizzle stops. Here’s a summary of our last few days since my previous post.
So far, we’ve played two rounds of golf. Considering this is my second and third time playing on a course, it wasn’t too bad although I need to be less erratic. My good drives went pretty far but I also became an expert getting out of bunkers. One of my best shots was from the bunker to within a few feet of the hole. My putting leaves much to be desired, especially on slopes. Need more practice there.
The food has been good. We have been enjoying lots of Vietnamese vegetables – so crunchy and tasty. The food is similar to Chinese food. Also if you’re a Francophile you will like it in Sofitel’s Dalat Palace hotel, which is the top place to stay in Dalat – if you can get a room. It was originally built for French royalty in the event that they visited Vietnam. Inside, it does feel like a palace. The receptionists say ‘Bonjour’ and there are a number of European (mostly French) and American guests.
The weather right now is drizzly like England but less cold. When the sun comes out it’s quite pretty. The locals ride motorcycles and love sounding their horns. It’s so noisy here. Even in our hotel room with the curtains drawn you will hear honking late into the night.
That’s all for now. More updates later!