A quick re-hash of my China trip

I’m sure everyone who reads this blog – being intelligent, educated, outward-looking types 😉 – would know that China is developing fast. It goes without saying, but seeing is truly believing.
I’ve been to China at least 3 times before this, not counting Hong Kong, and every time things have improved. Back in the mid-90s, when we visited Beijing in the middle of winter, there were fewer tourists although I was fortunate to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. I recall little else on that trip apart from the fact that there was a lot of vinegar in Beijing food (which I don’t mind, as I am a true-blue SCGS mee pok-loving girl).
Another time, I recalled eating rice that had grains of sand in it. The roadside toilets had no doors, and local women used umbrellas to partially shield themselves while peeing.
In 2002 and 2005, I went to Shanghai, which was by that time quite happening. As China developed, however, the pollution worsened. My last visual recollection of Shanghai was sitting in a taxi from the hotel to the airport and seeing smoke billow from the chimney of a factory, not too far away from the city centre.
This trip to China took me and my relatives to more remote villages in the South, as well as the main cities of the Cantonese, Teochews and Hokkiens. We also visited a Hakka village. I am sure many of you Singaporean readers belong to one of these groups so stay tuned for photos of your ancestors’ hometowns! I also took photos of almost everything we ate.
Again, as with my Tuscan trip a few months ago, I will attempt to blog each daily account with photos (and videos if applicable). I hope I won’t run out of steam this time!
And yes, Yesterday.SG will get a piece of the action when I get to the heritage part of my trip.


  1. GM Tan

    Hello Vanatan, can you pls do me a favor. If you see any of the bikers in the brotherhood can you please ask them to contact Mr Wong in Beijing ASAp – thanks. I believe it is very important.
    We have been trying to arrange a meet with them, but things keep changing. Many thanks.

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