Chinese joss paper used as SXSW table decor?

To my Chinese readers: Look at this photo and tell me what this is.
Isn't this Chinese paper money for the dead?
This was the decoration on each SXSW Web Awards table. I didn’t notice it at first because there were many things going on, but then my eyes rested on the candles and then the paper they were on…
Isn’t this the paper we fold up into ingots and burn as money for the dead?
I didn’t make an issue of it, but took a photo to remember it by. Back in Singapore I was reminded of it as I saw my grandmother fold a bundle of such sheets. Not that I believe that it will actually translate into spiritual funds, as I’m Christian, but I accept it as part of my heritage.
The SXSW organisers probably didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was just surprised that these materials used for the Chinese dead, had turned into decorative tabletop pieces at a geek fest!


  1. Mr Yap

    I came across previously a news report about a German youth in Taiwan who bought some home for his folks back as part of a decorative elements for the kitchen
    Maybe you should make a fuss about it and ask for compensation for damages…

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