People Digg Obama

Look at [Digg’s US Elections page](, and it’s all about [Barack Obama]( at the moment. It’s generally positive news about him, and if there is mention of Hillary Clinton, it’s negative.
People Digg Obama
The hottest article right now is one by the New York Post which states that [Obama received more votes than initially reported]( If you read on, it also adds that some votes were miscounted, at Clinton’s expense as well.
This is somewhat reminiscent of what happened to Al Gore in Florida. Hopefully, this time the outcome will be more just.


  1. Bill Vroom

    Hey, it’s off-topic, but I came upon this site at htt:// and it’s wonderful and funny. And…my wife, a Clinton supporter, read it and said it’s the first thing she’s seen that inclines her towards Obama. Go figure.

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