Waiting for Super Tuesday

I can’t wait for Super Tuesday. It will settle a lot of things – knock out the remaining minnows and strengthen the frontrunners. It will allow everyone to focus on the stronger candidates and we’ll see the difference between Republicans and Democrats – not just infighting which can be quite off-putting.
I still support Barack Obama, perhaps because no politician has moved me quite as much as he has in his speeches, since his appearance for John Kerry. But his detractors point out that it isn’t just about saying but about doing – though Hillary Clinton touched some nerves with her statement on Martin Luther King. I agree with the likening of Obama to JFK and was excited to hear of Ted and Caroline Kennedy’s endorsements.
As much as I admired Bill Clinton’s work as a president (minus Monica), I didn’t like how he attacked Obama. Two against one is an unfair advantage and it put the spotlight on Bill, not Hillary who’s supposed to be running the show as her own woman.
However, come Super Tuesday it is likely that Hillary Clinton will win where it counts. And we don’t know if she’ll take Barack as her No. 2, considering the bad blood between them both. Maybe, like true politicians, they’ll kiss and make up because they need each others’ votes to take the White House.
Now I’ve actually taken more interest in the Republican race which is looking very much like John McCain versus Mitt Romney. For the Republicans, I’ve always supported John McCain, even over George Bush junior. McCain speaks his mind and doesn’t suck up to the party if it doesn’t make sense to him.
If it’s Hillary and another Democrat (not Obama) versus McCain, I might actually support the Republicans for once. Not that I’m American but it’s just exciting to watch the biggest election in the world.


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