Shanghai: Day 4

This morning my mother and I queued at the Shanghai Museum for ONE AND A HALF HOURS just to see a 5 metre-long, famous Chinese painting which was 900 years old.

We rushed back to join the rest of the family for a dim sum lunch, then headed off to the fashion market, where all sorts of accessories and clothes were on sale. It reminded me of a less seedy version of Camden, in London.
We had dinner at Wang Bao He restaurant, famous for their hairy crabs. The taxi drivers got confused and sent all of us to a nearby hotel, of the same name! Fortunately we found our way to the right place without much ado.
Now, I seldom eat crabs but these little ones were very tasty – especially with all the roe. Thank goodness I don’t have to get my cholesterol levels checked yet. The only thing that put me off were the clumps of hair which looked like our … well, never mind.
Interestingly, the male crabs were priced higher than the females but somehow we found the latter to be more delicious. Go figure.