This weekend, I…

(in chronological order)

  • Spent some time reading the latest issue of The Economist. Being alone at home has its perks – I get to read the newspapers and magazines first.
  • Tried to make it in time for a company event in the morning, but missed the main action. Decided to patronise the remaining stall that hadn’t closed shop yet, and got a back massage by visually handicapped people. At least they made some money.
  • Tidied up one teeny portion of my room, leaving me with about 90% more mess to clear. Still contemplating getting a new work desk, or improving what I currently have.
  • Went out for dinner with relatives. Coughed like there was no tomorrow, and took some new medication.
  • Filed my taxes. That helped me to sleep better, knowing the deed was done.
  • Woke up on Sunday feeling much better – but still coughing.
  • Couldn’t sing properly at church without coughing. The strain of having controlled lung actions was just too much for me.
  • Tidied up my car’s glove compartment.
  • Went out for lunch with relatives.
  • Went to Tanglin Mall to buy cough drops, and stopped by That CD Shop to ask if the new Tracey Thorn album was out yet (the answer was no). I bought 3 compilations instead. Contemplated doing a music review on this blog, since I haven’t written one in ages.
  • Created a private social network using (thanks to Preetam for the link)
  • Created another private social network. Thinking of using it for my new band, to communicate and upload files.
  • Composed a music loop using my Korg Triton and Logic Pro 7. These will come in handy when I finally start my video podcast.
  • Had dinner at Waraku with the Bristol girls, to celebrate Shin’s belated birthday.
  • Shot videos of weird scenes during the dinner. I’m wondering whether they’re suitable for uploading and viewing by the public, or whether they would be too politically incorrect. Heh.
  • Uploaded a couple more video clips to Pending approval.
  • Pondered when I’d next update my blog, since I didn’t have anything substantial to blog about yet.
  • Decided to blog about what I did this weekend.


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