A multi-touch, ubiquitous coffee table?

Microsoft has a new high-tech product coming up, using surface computing or multi-touch technology similar to Apple’s iPhone. There is lots of potential for managing photos and viewing maps. Could ubiquitous computing, or Everyware, start becoming mainstream?

This video was so impressive, I have to show it here. If you’re using IE you may not be able to see this because I refuse to use ’embed’ tags anymore. View it on the original page instead.

[I need help making my embedded videos compliant and preferably accessible. If you know how to do this, tell me!]

Credit: Popularmechanics.com and to my Dad, who sent this link to me.


  1. Miccheng

    You will need to have the EMBED tag to make the Flash video compliant right? Check with your provider – or have a look at how YouTube does it.

  2. vantan

    Michael – much to the contrary. It is the ’embed’ tag that is causing the problems. However, video sites are still encouraging the use of the ’embed’ tag because there is not enough consistent support for the W3C-recommended ‘object’ tag. Please see articles like Alistapart’s Flash embed cage for an explanation.
    I’ve since fixed this video using the Flash satay technique, but it isn’t the most perfect solution. SWFObject seems like the ultimate solution but I have yet to implement it.

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