Back in the studio

After a hiatus I’m finally back in the studio again. As previously reported, Mac’s wireless keyboard had died so I was unable work on any music. Then because there was no activity for so long, inertia creeped in. Only yesterday, during my jazz piano lesson when my teacher insisted I had to perform one of my own compositions at our school concert in June, did I shake off my sluggishness and start attempting to write music. Three recordings were made over the last day. No, I have not joined COMPASS yet, so no music will be uploaded.
I doubt I can produce much more music this weekend, though. Because we were out of the country last week, we have not done any visiting for Chinese New Year. The rest of today will be taken up by visiting. I also have two presentations this week to prepare for, and a church website meeting. There are ongoing projects all due soon. And I haven’t packed for my trip to LA/Austin next Saturday.
What’s going to give? The usual – email replies which are not deadly urgent. I won’t have time to meet up with most friends. I won’t be reading or responding to many people’s blogs either.