Singapore’s first agency in Second Life?

Thinc Cafe_008 While chilling out at Thinc Cafe in Second Life (SL), I had the privilege of meeting the creator of the isle, as well as his team members. Turns out that Thinc is a real-life ad agency in Singapore. They’re part of the ICG group.
We all hung around the beach for a long chat. I checked out their website and learnt that they work near me. So we can actually meet for lunch one day. Now how’s that for building a real community šŸ˜‰
Thinc Cafe_016 After a while, they invited me to a shooting range. As a first-timer, I kept out of their way! They seemed to have a lot of fun. I’d want to try it myself but wasn’t feeling particularly violent at the time.
View all my Flickr pics tagged Thinc Cafe for an idea of what I did with the advertising folks.
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