Second Singapore Second Life meetup

Second Singapore Second Life meetup - 1 We had our 2nd Second Life (SL) gathering this evening at 7pm. At the time, in real life, I was watching the final minutes of the Australian Open men’s finals, as Roger the Federer Express was making a meal out of Speedy Gonzalez (who was tiring from all that dashing about).
So I logged into SL a bit late. Rinaz was already there with a few other Singaporeans. Alvin (our group leader) hadn’t arrived yet so Rinaz kept us all entertained with guessing games. The first Avatar to give the correct answer would win L$1 from her. Better than sitting at a money tree!
Second Singapore Second Life meetup - 5 Then I had to dash off for a real life birthday party. When I got back at 11pm, Chiling and a few other Singaporeans were still around! We hovered in mid-air beside Chiling’s Yacht and chatted with each other. I met a Singaporean who is male in real life, but has a female avatar because he accidentally clicked on the wrong gender when he first joined SL. His wife doesn’t mind as she gets to dress him up in nice virtual clothes. I was thinking, ‘ooh! role play’!
Second Singapore Second Life meetup - 6 We then retired to Chilin’s Yacht and lounged about. By accident, Evixfel and I looked like we were a couple! This is because the script on the ground which we lay on, programmed our Avatars to sit together in a lovey-dovey manner. Well I certainly didn’t mind have a young man 10 years my junior acting as an escort in Second Life. However, Chilin and I did not appreciate Evixfel calling us both “Auntie”!
In the end, like good “Aunties” we told Evixfel to stop playing SL and study for his forthcoming exam instead. At that point, someone from the virtual United Nations group instant-messaged me to meet up and discuss big plans. So I excused myself and teleported to the discussion area. There is potential for a huge development in SL. I will mention this in a separate blog post later.
For those who missed it, read up about our First Second Life meetup.
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