A blessed union

Hey hey to the new Mrs Yap – the first of our friends to get married. Bet she’s too busy to see this post 😉 I just got back from the wedding dinner of the year (at least, it’s big to me), made my speech without stuttering (note to self – stand even closer to the microphone next time).
And it was good to see everyone again, especially Joan and May, who travelled back from yonder shores just for this special occasion. The couples’ parents looked so happy. The groom was definitely very happy. The bride … aww, I’m glad she was okay with my speech and didn’t clobber me afterwards (as she usually does :-). After hearing Chris, Lin Kiat’s good American friend speak on his behalf, I thought I’d better cut down on content with ‘sabotage’ potential, since he was so nice about LK.
Anyway, I’m back in my humble little abode, wondering whether I should launch an incomplete website. Well, the blog’s ready at least, so I won’t be surprising anyone with any broken links. Maybe I _will_ launch that first. Here goes!


  1. Kenneth

    First Post!
    Welcome back Van. Glad you had a good time at your friend’s wedding… Dont worry, i wont be like a ching chong relative and ask you when your turn will be….

  2. Alvin

    Ah, glad that you are back into cyberspace 😛 Anyway… there’s no more navigation?

  3. vantan

    Thank you everybody … it’s good to be back.
    Jia – yes, I wanted the new site to look bright and chirpy 🙂
    Alvin – I’ll launch the other sections when they’re ready.
    Kenneth – are you one of the Kenneths I know from school? Or church?

  4. Queenie

    Yo babes! Sooo good to see you back in cyberspace. Missed your website, missed your website. Yay! Nice one for Van Heng’s! Do wish her a blessed union on my behalf..I’m too shy to sign her guestbook. Looking forward to more updates ja?

  5. joan

    Yipee! Welcome back! Missed your blog! Btw, can you please my email address to joan_ho@yahoo.com on your address book? ‘Cos i seldom check my hotmail account and i only saw your ‘Movable Type’ email today.
    And yes, i’m supposed to think of a name! tough one that one.
    Btw, should have told us Jeremy called u along for lunch today. May & I didn’t know, so we asked Jeremy to come to Scotts instead, ‘cos Prego was a bit too expensive for us. Sorry! If we had known, we definitely would have gone!

  6. Bel

    I remember you telling me about Van Heng’s wedding! The website you did for her was really nice, she looks the same still. 🙂
    Do send her best wishes on my behalf when you next catch up with her!

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