Arsenal update: Cashley Cole notes and Van Persie gay fans

I was supposed to take a nap before watching the Chelsea v Arsenal match yesterday night. Instead, I slept through the match and woke up at 4+am! Bah. On the bright side, it’s done wonders for my cough which I hope to fully recover from by this week.
In the end I settled for reading news reports on how Arsenal nearly won it if not for Michael Essien’s late goal. Not too bad considering Arsenal were away – then again, their away record isn’t bad compared to the fact that they still seem unable to settle down at their new home.
Anyway, if you read about the spoof Ashley Cole bank notes that got photographed in the Straits Times today, there is a higher-res version courtesy of Arseblog, in PDF format! It can still be used for the reverse match next year.
Also, someone found my blog via a Yahoo! search on the combined terms “Van Persie” and “gay”. Curious, I did a search myself and found that somehow my main address is among the top 10 of Yahoo!’s search results. I found a news report stating thatDutch gay men do like Van Persie and Freddie Ljungberg. Why am I not surprised?
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