SXSW 2007 – Pick your panels!

It’s time to pick potential panel topics for SXSW 2007. One person, one vote. Might I add that the new SXSW site looks much better than the previous version and we can select our panels via a drag-and-drop technique. (AJAX!)
As requested, I’ve shortlisted 10 panels: looking at trends 10 years from now, mobile apps, managing communities, Web 2.0 for the enterprise, interactive media for children, the me-customer, geek politics.
Another panel I picked was something that I was discussing with Ivan and Kevin this afternoon – for instance, how do we move beyond the Technoratis of today, which rank by quantities (e.g. number of linkages), to make sense in a more human, qualitative way?

Context: The Next Layer of the Net

The Net has brought us more information. More text, more images, more audio and now video. And the future only promises to bring us more access to more of it in more places. How do we find things when we don’t know specifically what we want? After “web 2.0” enables the average user to create even more stuff, the next layer of the Net needs to help it all make sense. This session combines experts on technologies and individual curators and communities that are already creating context and not just more stuff.

Most unusual suggested panel topic: Chocolate. Apparently it’s for people tired of geek talk. Naturally, the panelist in charge is a lady 😉
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