Ambient Findability

Ambient Findability Just picked this interesting book up. Considering how impressed I was with Adam Greenfield‘s SXSW presentation and book, Everyware, this was another extension of the theme.
Flipping through Ambient Findability, some extracts reminded me of the thought process I currently undergo at work when planning information architecture (at a more basic level): In a sea of information overload, how do we stay afloat?
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  1. wandie

    What a coincidence! I’ve actually had my hands on a copy of the very same book for the past two weeks! I have found it a fairly good read as an introductory guide to a rapidly evolving and exciting area of the internet/world/age.
    And I must say it’s got one of the most honest (and in the end, accurate!) perfaces I’ve ever come across.

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