Missing/stolen phone serial number

Fellow geeks! Lend me your ears and eyes. If you see a secondhand HP iPaq rw6828 being sold on its own without most other accessories, do me a big favour and ask what the serial number is.
If the serial number is CNI6230BN1, it is my phone and it was taken from my office building. Please tell the shopkeeper that the serial number has been lodged with the police.
Yes, I just filed a police report after my attempts to locate my missing phone went in vain for the past several days.
I won’t display my full police statement here, as some details involve company information, but this extract should suffice:

I appeal to the police to note the serial number of the phone, in case the person who kept my phone is trying to sell it at a secondhand shop. Its sale can probably fetch several hundred dollars.
My phone has a 1GB mini SD memory card, protective case, screen protector and stylus. The person will be trying to sell the phone without its charger, adaptors, box, software, handsfree set and manual.

Oh well I hope the police are able to send some word out – though I know they’re awfully busy and probably have more life-threatening things to attend to.