HP iPaq 6828

I am now the proud owner of a HP iPaq 6828.
The first site I checked out, after configuring the wireless connection, was my own site. Looked fine!
Am now tapping through my Gmail which is optimised for mobile viewing. See what you can do with stylesheets?
However, my Missing Sync 2.0+ doesn’t recognise my new PDA phone, so I tried installing the 2.5 beta which works with Windows Mobile 5.0, though it doesn’t state compatibility with this particular model.
Then I found out that I need OS10.4 to run the 2.5 beta. So that didn’t work out. Bah. Perhaps other software might work with it. But I’m willing to hang in there for a short while.
More updates:
I connected via a PC laptop using ActiveSync, re-installed Laridian PocketBible and DailyReader and added various bibles, commentaries and dictionaries. Running fine.
I also re-installed NewsBreak RSS software. It’s already downloaded a few hundred news headlines. Yay!
Just changed the desktop theme to red-hot. Currently adding some mp3/aac files to test out the speakers.
I switched my music player to Winamp skin mode, to bring back some nostalgic pre-iTunes feelings. You can even adjust the equaliser and increase bass/treble.
Just connected to my free gift – a Jaber Bluetooth headset. Charged it up and connected it almost at once to my iPaq. Tried calling the Singtel helpline just to see if the headset worked. It did. Excellent.
[ Update: Someone took my iPaq and I have now bought a second-hand Dopod 818 Pro. I have written a brief comparison between the two. ]


  1. wandie

    What kind of deal did you get? No line? Heavily discounted rate with $100 p/m line subscription plan?

  2. sggooner

    haha… you sound like a kid with a brand new toy and lots of add ons.
    i like the feeling of messing with techi stuff too.

  3. vantan

    To Wandie: 2 year renewal of my SingTel contract with $300 trade-in of my O2 mini (it should have been $350 but the casing was scratched).
    The final price was $598 without GST. My monthly bill is in the $40-50 range, and because I extended my contract, SingTel has deducted an additional $8 per month.
    I bought a screen protector and a 1GB mini SD card, as the iPaq doesn’t come with any. They gave me the free bluetooth headset.
    I gave up on Hello! shops as they were perpetually out of stock (you can call 1626 to find out about availability of models). I went back to my usual dealer, CostTyre at Great World City. At least they bothered to alert me when new stock arrived… and they’re pretty nice folks.
    I’m now looking for a new casing for my iPaq… I heard you can only buy it direct from HP(?).

  4. Darren Symington

    Personally, I find sourcing accessories from Hewlett Packard to be grossly expensive. Unless of course it is for critical hardware or something similar. Either way though, it never hurts to check out e-bay. They have tons of case options and USB syn-cargers for well under $10.

  5. rahman

    hello… i bought the hp 6828 last week… This is the first phone i bought without knowing the spec.
    the camera was very, very slow…!!!
    the others may be ok at this point….
    could help me to fix it…
    should i upgrade the ram…?

  6. vantan

    Dear Rahman
    You bought a nearly S$1,000 phone without knowing the specs or trying it out first?
    PDA phones generally do not have strong camera features. I did not buy my PDA phones for the camera feature but for the PDA functions.
    Also, I only comment on products which I use myself. I do not fix other people’s products.
    How do you upgrade the RAM on a PDA phone? Maybe you should try asking HP or your reseller if this is possible. Then tell the rest of us about it!

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