Bent on Kent

I watched Stacey Kent live in concert on Saturday! Initially I was a bit disappointed with the venue because 1) I’ve never liked Suntec City 2) it was in a hall where you’d normally have computer fairs. Didn’t feel intimate enough for a jazz band and singer.
But that was soon forgotten because the sound quality was much better than expected – little reverb, good quality microphones which could pick up the slightest sound made by Stacey’s vocal chords, or her husband Jim Tomlinson’s sax. They make a good couple! The other band members were good, too. Pity I sat far away from the pianist – I would have loved to see his hands as he improvised furiously.
After the concert came the autograph signing session. I’m not one for queues, but my friends were massive Stacey Kent fans. Gramophone cleverly set up shop nearby, so those without CDs (like myself) could pick up something she could autograph. My friend was even more enterprising and grabbed the posters that the cleaner was about to throw away! So I now have an autographed ‘Boy Next Door’ CD sleeve and concert poster. Woohoo!
Jim, Stacey and me
And I did take a photograph with Stacey as well. The problem is, she was so busy she didn’t have time to pose with anyone. She let us stand behind her, but continued signing autographs for other people. So most of our pics looked a little impersonal.
All in all, it was a very consistent performance.