Reason to be?

What sort of pop songs are raiding the airwaves these days? After refusing to listen to local radio for the last few years (because I thought most of the music was shite), I realised I actually need to listen to what the masses like, if I ever want to make a living out of it.
Ironically, because I have always refused to use illegal methods of music acquisition, I’ll probably pick up one of those Now! compilations at my favourite CD shop.
My impression of a lot of popular music (at least on MTV) goes like this:
Boom-boom, chika-chika, “yeah, yeah… uh uh uh…” [insert sexually provocative lyrics here], boom-boom…
Of course I still think there are a few good ones around which still have tunes – though I wonder if that is going out of fashion!
Oh, an update on my quest for music software: I downloaded a demo of Reason, and the interface is absolutely beautiful. Check out its front and back images.
A perfect hardware substitute? You can literally tweak the little knobs in front, yank out the wires in the back picture and plug them into another inlet. And yes, it has a MIDI editor but that looked pretty much like anyone else’s, so it’s not in the screen capture.
And of course, it is a fairly new player in a market with big boys Cubase and Logic.