[Folks, I realised it’s been just over a year since I switched to a Mac. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, making music, making new Mac friends and seeing the cyberworld a little differently (nicer fonts, at least). Cheers!]
Thanks to your advice, I finally made the trip to Sim Lim Square today, and picked up two x 1GB RAM from SGL at S$200 each. To think I nearly bought 1GB of RAM at S$599, from AppleCentre Orchard! That’s nearly three times the price. And I’ve got lifetime warranty on my new RAM.
After I’d paid up, the lady at SGL asked me how I heard of them. I said I blogged about it and other customers wrote in to recommend this store. At this point, the only other customer stopped talking to the other lady manning the store, and looked at me. I thought he might have been a reader, but it seems he just perked up at the word ‘blog’. Of course, if you happen to have been that reader, just drop a note to let me know, because I’m curious.
Anyway I told them I was glad I found this store. The lady told me they were around long before AppleCentres came along. They had contemplated jumping on the AppleCentre bandwagon, but decided against it. They don’t have to worry about renting a larger space and renovating the place, and their prices are lower. Which is great, because I don’t mind picking up a new 20GB iPod for S$500 (instead of S$528) or a 60GB iPod for $700 (instead of S$728).
However, since it is rumoured that iPod video is coming out, I shall wait. Not that I watch many videos, but you know what I mean.
In other news, VanPod held out for an hour this morning when I didn’t skip tracks. Which is another reason why I think I can hold out a little longer 🙂


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