MTV Culture

I just turned on the telly (after a practice session of Blue Rondo, of course *angelic glare*) and caught a glimpse of MTV’s Punked, which essentially is “Celebrity Saboh*”
I caught Salma Hayek with friends (Penelope Cruz?) at a club. They go to the bathroom and see an unimaginably huge turd in the toilet bowl. They giggle and shriek and Salma flushes the toilet, causing it to overflow. The girls run back to their table, still laughing.
Meanwhile, another customer sees them and complains to the management, who then confront Hayek and friends, who are in denial. After a while, Salma is told she’s been Punkd. Penelope and friends were part of the act!
Then a Desperate Housewife got Punkd in a fake police hold-up. And an R&B artiste got falsely accused of sexually harassing an old white lady. He got Punkd.
Now they’re showing a dating game, DisMissed. A hunky guy dates 2 pretty girls who seem overly confident of their chances of being chosen by him. They seem happy slagging each other off, behind each other’s backs. Amusing.
It’s time to get back to practice.
*Saboh = Sabotage, as in, play a trick on someone.