Come on, Arsenal!

The big match is on right now but I can’t watch it on TV because we only have one SCV point, and everyone in that room has fallen asleep. If, in the first minute, I had jumped up and shouted GOAL!!!! I don’t think anyone would be cheering with me. But well done, Henry.
Oh well. There’s always the BBC (live updates) and the human imagination.
My running commentary, in chronological order:

Darn, Chelsea have equalised! Ha, one by Thierry, another by Terry.
From the looks of it, Chelsea have a slight edge. However I’m hoping for a draw, or even a wild win.
YES!!! Another by Thierry! Ha, Robben’s booked for dissent. Nothing against that talented lad, personally.
[Aside: If, Singapore-style, we ranked teams according to the ‘value’ added, Arsenal would certainly rank higher than Chelsea or Man United because of their smaller budget, compared with their performance. Everton, of course, would top the rankings by far. No Rooney, no worries.]
I feel pretty lame doing this. I’ll go to sleep, and hopefully wake up to hear some good news (er…)
Phew, a draw!
The BBC Sports front page has a really cool shot of Thierry Henry (Arsenal) giving John Terry (Chelsea) a bear-hug. Now that’s sportsmanship!