Recent acquisitions

Depeche Mode, Zero 7, Blue Bar 2
Recent CD acquisitions (at the usual CD Shop): Zero 7’s When It Falls (nice ambience, sounds a bit like Air though); Blue Bar Vol 2 (hip chillout lounge – my only big splurge); The Very Best of Christmas Favorites (heart-warming renditions by various artistes – I particularly like Diana Krall’s take on Jingle Bells); WOW Christmas (by various famous Christian artistes); Depeche Mode remixes 81-04; High Society compilation We Got The Soul (I really dig this Motown groove, baby).
Belkin Casette Adapter
Recent Apple acquisitions: For myself, a Belkin Cassette Adapter. I’ve been looking for one for ages and finally my Apple Store had it in stock. I tried it out in my car (which loads cassettes in sideways) and after a few re-tries, it worked! Marvellous piece of equipment, and much clearer than the FM Transmitters I’ve used. No batteries required with the cassette adapter – and no mixed signals from nearby radio stations.
For mother, we decided to get a ‘little’ something from the Apple Store, if you know what I mean. It was selling like hotcakes. I also counted 60-70 boxes of iMacs and other systems lined up for delivery. Business is roaring! However I don’t like the new iMac after viewing it in person. It’s thick – and certainly it’s designed by the iPod team because it looks like a first(?) generation iPod, encased in transparent plastic over the white. Granted, the whole CPU is inside. But somehow it looks better in pictures.
Later on (when we’ve finished moving house) I plan to get iSight so I can scan our books using Delicious Library, mentioned in a previous post.


  1. Maria

    The only song I’ve heard by Zero7 is “In the Waiting Line” off of the “Garden State” soundtrack. Which album of theirs would you recommend?

  2. vantan

    Hi Maria, I haven’t got many Zero 7 albums myself. The only other one I own is their compilation, called ‘Another Late Night’ which is good to chill with, nothing too dancy. Most of the tracks are not by them but by artistes who’ve influenced them. There are some reviews on their albums on
    Where this sort of music is concerned, I feel the music of the French band, Air, is more creative and tuneful. I’d recommend their earlier albums (Premiers Symptomes, Moon Safari). Signature tracks are ‘Le Soleil Est Près de Moi’ and ‘La Femme d’Argent’. I haven’t got their Virgin Suicides soundtrack yet, though I’m planning to. Wasn’t impressed with 10,000hz legend and haven’t heard their latest albums yet.

  3. Jeff

    I got a similar item a couple of months ago for my cd player, and now for Christmas I got an iPod. I was using it but was curious if you knew about the iTrip. I was considering it, but you said the tape was better quality?
    Also, do you know if the iTrip supports really high notes, like Libera and such?

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