On replying to all

Those of you on AppleCentre Orchard’s mailing list must be amused lately by the messages from other recipients who thought that “replying to all” would somehow get them off the mailing list. One reply started the chain, and to date I have counted at least 4 more replies to all. One lady was fed up enough to reply to all, telling everyone NOT to reply to all! However, that didn’t stop more replies from coming in. (Doh!)
If these people had only noticed there were links at the bottom of each e-mail newsletter, and if they clicked on them they’d be taken to a page where they could administer their account and even unsubscribe from the mailing list, life would be much easier.
However, in their defence, the system isn’t so obviously user-friendly. If the links at the bottom of each newsletter had actually said ‘Unsubscribe or administer your account’, these mass-mails wouldn’t have occurred. However, AppleCentre Orchard’s newsletters simply list two URLs, with no explanation of what they signify. Maybe only kaypoh geeks like me would bother clicking on them and administering my account through Mailman.
Another solution would be for AppleCentre Orchard’s administrator to send an email to everyone (oh no, not again) to tell or remind them of how to administer their accounts. They could also configure the system so that other people on the mailing list cannot send emails to the group (this isn’t a forum, anyway).
Whatever the case – if I see another “Please take me off the mailing list” again, I’m going to send a firm note to the administrator. Surely people who sell Apple products will understand usability and simplicity.


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