America votes

Soon, America will vote and the fate of a good part of the world will lie in the hands of one man, once again. Only thing is, we’re not entirely sure who it’s going to be. And I certainly hope it won’t depend on 537 votes again.
In local news, an Indian astrologer predicted that the ‘stars’ shine favourably on Kerry, although most of his counterparts seem to prefer Bush who is less likely to come down hard on outsourcing.
Japan’s politicians prefer Bush because of existing good relations, although its peace-loving citizens prefer Kerry. Interesting quote: “If (Democratic challenger John) Kerry comes in, he may not feel he owes Koizumi anything.” – That may not be such a bad thing, you know 😉
We just received news that China has finally come forward to criticise the Bush administration for making decisions that have brought instability to the world – essentially its doctrine of pre-emption.
Stephen Hawking will be leading a protest in London where the names of 5,000 Iraqis killed in the US-led war will be read out. While I agree that the September 11 bombings were an atrocity committed against innocent civilians, you must admit that many more innocent civilians in another part of the world have died – and Osama remains free to this day.
Meanwhile, the Queen of England has asked Tony Blair to lobby against the US’s environmental policies which are taking its toll on her gardens and other parts of the world.
And there is one more election that is almost as important that many of us tend to forget about – the Senate race. Will the Democrats oust a couple of seats from the GOP in their quest to regain control of the Senate?
Americans – this has to be one of the most exciting elections you’ve gone through in recent years. May the votes be counted as fairly as is humanly possible. May your decisions be truly reflected, and not determined by a group of judges, or by any other means which may not represent the real sentiments of the nation. May you show us once again what real democracy is like – sans lawsuits, recounts, name-calling, truth-bending.
On this momentous occasion, May God Bless America.