Maria Sharapova polls readers for advice

I’m fine with Maria Sharapova as a tennis player, apart from the shrieking. Now I’m more ingrigued to learn that Maria has now turned to her fans for advice online, since this smells of Web 2.0 spirit.
[According to the Beeb](, she’s protesting against a WTA ruling that she and other stars must do a publicity shoot possibly a day before the matches.
Her official website announcements are generally written in the third person. However, Maria’s personal tone of voice comes through in this message, which seems to be written by her (or someone on her behalf):
This links to the [online poll](, where you can also vote.
You can also view the results. Right now most of the 4,000 odd fans have voted for her to *refuse* to do the photo shoot.
Personally, I think she should just do the photo shoot but insist that the WTA refrain from such requests in future. To kick up a big fuss is not very sportsmanlike, and besides, other big tennis stars also have to do the same. It is usually easier to convince the authorities to chance a policy when you aren’t giving them bad PR in the first place.


  1. DK

    Personally, I think all the players should boycott the shoot.
    I know the females players most likely earns more on advertising. But that doesn’t means that they should give up their game for the sake of marketing. They should concentrate on Tennis.
    I support her move. 🙂

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