You’re most welcome

A long time ago, as a frustrated web designer whose client noticed that a Flash form didn’t go to the right fields when the ‘tab’ button was used, I realised that there were very few good resources on the web that actually taught you how to code your forms properly.
So when I did figure out the answer, I decided to put up a Flash tutorial (with a ready-to-go file download). I linked it on my home page once, it was picked up by Google, and for one and a half years it’s been turning up fairly high in the rankings despite the fact that I have not mentioned or linked to it since then.
This however is perhaps the second or third ‘Thank-you note’ I’ve received from people who’ve used my tutorial:

I just wanted to say thanks for putting the flash mx tab order fix on your site. I have been trying to find the correct code for a few days now. In trying other people’s code, I have noticed that yours was the only one that worked for me, and for this I say thank you.

I’m glad I’m helping some people in my own way to make their website more accessible. Thank you for thanking me.
[Disclaimer: Slacker as I am, this is the only tutorial I’ve done, and I haven’t even completed the second part of the tutorial which teaches you how to de-activate other elements from being tabbed. And yes, this was not produced using the latest version of Flash.]