Cream of the Crop

It’s Denyse’s birthday today and we celebrated it at 8 on the Bay, the restaurant near the Indoor Stadium. Well, since the booking was for 8pm, it was literally at 8, at 8. Hahaha. OK bad joke.
Everything was fine until we got to the birthday cheesecake, which tasted more like quiche to me because it was salty. The chef came out to speak to us and we found out that it was the sour cream that was added into the cake, for the sake of variety. Anyway to make amends we had a huge fruit platter as well as tiramisu and creme brullet. The cream in the tiramisu was to die for and XL was making ecstatic meefy noises [to the Bristolians reading this: you’ll understand what I mean].
However the cream seems to have done my guts in once again. Oof.
Anyway, on a different note, this was my mum’s reaction to my GRE scores:
Mum: Mm. (continues playing computer game)
Me: Erm, aren’t you happy for me, mum?
Mum: Of course I am! But I don’t want to celebrate too early … until you get a place in that university …
And my dad’s reaction?
Me: Dad, did you get my SMS?
Dad: Yes. Erm … you passed right? (continues clicking mouse)
Me: Er … I guess you could say that. *sigh*