I feel better now.

I wrote in to USC Admissions the moment I received my rejection notice:

Thanks for your email.

Was there any particular reason why my application was rejected? I hope all the documents were received.


They replied to me just now.

Hello Vanessa,

We had a total of 210 highly qualified applicants. We admitted a
total of 10 candidates for fall 2003. Competition was very fierce this

I feel … vindicated. And I don’t feel so stupid anymore.


  1. PS

    don’t feel personal abt the outcome, guess it’s just bad timing on your part. with the bad economy, more ppl are heading back to campus. have faith in yourself!

  2. vic

    GEEEEEE …. 10 out of 210 applicants???? that’s nuts! i mean i know they said they were getting more and more selective, but that is just crazy.
    still, at least you feel better about yourself ;o)

  3. chnrxn

    Hang on in there. If you really want it, keep trying. Or apply somewhere else, show ’em they are not that great.
    Good luck!

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