‘Everybody Loves A Happy Ending’

And so we do. I can’t wait for the new Tears for Fears album to launch!
Interestingly, my choice of universities had nothing to do with wanting to be near the duo, although it is notable that I studied in a city three minutes away from Bath via train.
And my recent application to USC has nothing to do with the fact that that Curt Smith is now living in LA.
In my visits to Bath, in fact, I had neither time nor opportunity to ascertain where exactly Snow Hill was. I did wonder if I would ever spot Roland in London or Bath. (Just as when I was in Stockholm as a child, I wondered if I would ever bump into Abba.)
And funnily enough, when I saw TFF’s first live performance on TV as a kid, I thought Curt’s name was ‘Via Satellite’, because that was what they displayed during his interview.
Ah, innocence.