So what’s a Blog?

Everybody’s asking me what a blog is, this morning. Well it’s derived from ‘web log’, which to me is an online journal where you publish your thoughts, and if possible provide links to the things you’re talking about.
A good example of a non-personal weblog is that of the Guardian’s, which provides links to the best articles on certain topics – even if it isn’t from their own site.
Personally I like reading other blogs which are intelligent, funny, and unusual. I’m sure there are lots around but I haven’t found them all yet.
BTW the Computer Times misspelt Kristen’s website. It’s not
On another note: Is anyone looking for good writers and designers? Let me know. There’s a growing talent pool over here just _waiting_ to be discovered.
[ Addition: Here’s a scan of the Computer Times article I was featured in. ]


  1. Teacup

    wow, u almost spoke in tongues ? i’m still wondering whether i shld pray for Him to bless me with that, for i am a very lukewarm christian. ^_^
    oh, i dropped by via Computer Times link. good day !

  2. vantan

    Thank you everybody.
    To Teacup – Good day to you too! From what I’ve been told, speaking in tongues may sound impressive but is of little use if nobody understands the language. There are many other ways to receive the Holy Spirit and one day I’m sure you’ll be touched by it in your own special way πŸ™‚

  3. niki

    Not sure how serious this site is for such a comment but hey… VAN BABE! HOPE WE SEE YOU AS A page 3 model IN UK SOON! πŸ˜‰ Proud of’ya! πŸ˜‰

  4. vantan

    Hoi! I assure you, this was fair and square … no sex involved at all! Although I claim credit for mentioning Singaporean sex goddess Annabel Chong’s website to the journalist who interviewed me. But I don’t operate pay-per-views on my website, no no!

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