Shanghai: Day 3

In the morning, I went for my second cheong sam fitting. Then we went to No. 1 Department store, which was packed with locals. This was where the real shopping was done! There, I finally found something I liked – a classy leather bag to replace the free medical conference laptop carrier I’ve been using since I joined the company.

As I bargained down the price, my grandmother stepped in and paid for the bag instead, saying that was her christmas treat! Thanks again Mama. XXX
After that shopping fest, we deposited our victory spoils back at the hotel, and headed off to celebrate my sister Vicki’s 16th birthday at M on the Bund, one of the most famous Western restaurants in Shanghai. While local taxi drivers had difficulty locating our hotel, it seemed everyone knew where M was. As we entered the lift, I noticed there were lots of Caucasians around. There weren’t that many white tourists on the streets, so it took me a little by surprise. The diners were probably expats.
The view outside was magnificent [photos coming up…]. On either side of the river were old and new buildings, beautifully lit, forming a colourful city skyline.
After dinner at M, we headed off to the tallest hotel in the world – The Grand Hyatt. I don’t know which was more magnificent, the exterior or interior. We headed to the bar at the top floor (level 88) for a drink, which cost us 95 yuan a person (cover charge). Fortunately that entitled us to two drinks, so I ordered a Cosmopolitan followed by a Sex on the Beach (no, not the Bund).
Sadly, Q sent me an SMS from Singapore, saying her grandma passed away. I was truly sorry I wasn’t physically around to console her, but I did say a prayer for her family before I went to sleep. Hope she’s fine.