Midnight, and all’s well

Well, nothing’s happened here in Singapore. No bomb attacks. Sorry for the hue and cry, but the news came from someone who works at the Singapore American School, so it sounded serious enough.
In fact I have more to worry than most of you. I stay very near the US, UK and Chinese embassies, and the Tanglin Police Station is no longer in Tanglin (although they’ve strangely retained the name, just like Parkway Thai’s in Centrepoint and Killiney Kopi Tiam is everywhere else). However, BG Lee still lives a block away from me so I’m sure there’ll be protection… for his family at least.
And I’m pleased to report that the traffic police have been patrolling the road right outside my house more frequently. I nearly roared in approval when a police car pulled up right behind another car which was parked illegally near the sidewalk. So hopefully there won’t be any car bombs. I know my house is due for renovation, but not in this way…