Dengue fever strikes at Serangoon

One of my long-standing childhood friends, Desiree, has been hit by dengue fever and so has her brother. They stay at Serangoon, near Yio Chu Kang. Singapore residents might want to avoid going north for a while.

Get well soon, Des!

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  1. vantan

    Thank you. Hopefully Des should be out of hospital today, and resting at home for another week. Having a low platelet count is very dangerous – one small knock and you could bleed to death.
    Actually, dengue fever is not uncommon in tropical regions such as ours – and the rainy season we’ve been getting right now isn’t helping. The government has taken steps to educate the public about it – and they also fine people who allow mosquitos to breed in their homes. Even so, every year there are a few hundred cases of dengue fever and malaria in Singapore. 😮

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