Web Standards

I’m currently working on conforming this website to W3C standards. Unfortunately this will penalise users of Netscape 4 and below – but since they’re using a browser version that’s becoming increasingly irrelevant in this day and age, they might as well be encouraged to upgrade.
But there won’t be any major changes to the look of this website as yet – in fact I’m working from the outside in, on a new section which will cover (what else but) web issues. I hope I’ll get to study that topic next year >;-)
In other news: I donated to Movable Type. After a couple months of running MT, I have come to the conclusion that there is very little more I’d want in a personal publishing system. And it looks good to boot. I have yet to try out their tech support but maybe one day I’ll be daring enough to install all the upgrades… and probably do something really dangerous.
And I can see that posting new stuff gets me on the front page of movabletype.org. What a cheap thrill … It took all of ten seconds before this website was displaced from the top position. That’s how many people are blogging right now. I thought those Americans would be too busy watching the Emmy awards.
For those interested, I also donated to K10K. Aren’t I an angel?