Going Social Now: Razorfish

By Shiv Singh, Director of Global Strategic Initiatives, Avenue A | Razorfish
Shiv asks how many of us design websites for a living. Predictably, a number of hands go up. He says, “You’re in trouble!” and we laugh. But he assures designers that the corporate website won’t go away.
It’s just that the corporate website doesn’t matter as much. Word of mouth is far more important now than whatever the corporations say. It’s more trusted. Consumers can now open multiple browser windows to find out what other people are saying about your product.
Social networking is increasingly important. There are multiple channels now. Don’t lock your customer in to your corporate website.
Good tip from Shiv: Like me, you may work for an agency. But don’t let the ‘agency’ separate you from the consumer.
Don’t drive consumers to your corporate website. Go to where their conversation is.
We can use social networks to share knowledge. We can also derive from them who is the most important person around.
Trust becomes an issue with social networks, especially as it moves further away from the source. You can control what you forward to your friends, but not what your friends forward to their friends.
Shiv goes through some portfolio site: Sheraton, CNN, Project Runway..
For CNN his point is that it was the designers talking to the audience, not so much the ‘agency’.
For Project Runway, consumers could upload their own fashion designs.
The 30-second spot is becoming less relevant. “Yes, Beacon is up to something. They recognise that we’re far more influenced by what we say to each other.”
This is labelled as a ‘sponsored panel’ but the mid-sized room is chock full. It is so full that there’s barely space to sit on the floor!
It’s a good talk…