Radically Transparent

by Andy Beale.
Why should we care about our online reputation? Because people now Google about you before they hire you or work for you.
Dell closed down its own forum. Apple had problems when they reduced the price of iPhone’s by $200.
There are also cases of mistaken identity. Andy himself was mistaken as a space engineer millionaire.
Don’t send a PR pitch to bloggers and expect them to be interested in you! Read their blog, post relevant comments; show them you’re interested in them too!
Tools to use: Flickr, Twitter, and of course blogging.
Choose a blog style, platform, have rules on being transparent, decide how to measure your blog’s success. Join social networks, show your expertise in online communities. Meet your customers in real life through meetups and Upcoming.
Monitor your brands, services, execs. Use Technorati.
how to respond to attacks – look at the nature of the complaint or criticism.
Remember: your customer is trying to talk to you. Welcome feedback, encourage criticism. This makes your products better and your customers, happier.
[Afternote: Andy practised what he preached, picked up my post and commented on it. Great job!]


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