SL account disabled!

I just tried logging into Second Life, after a hiatus due to laptop problems and being too busy… only to be told that my account has been disabled! Grr.
Second Life account disabled
What happened: After joining Second Life, I upgraded to a paid account (annual fee US$72) as I wanted to get Linden pocket money and toyed with the idea of buying my own piece of land. I never had the time nor inclination to learn about advanced building, so that didn’t happen. The novelty’s worn off. So I cancelled my credit card details to avoid being charged again this year. However, Linden Labs tried to charge me. As they no longer had my credit card details, they put US$72 on my tab, suspending my account until I pay up!
I logged on to []( to fix things. I realised I should have asked for a downgrade rather than just deleting my credit card details – but I thought either way it would’ve worked. But now when I click the ‘Downgrade my account’ link, I get pointed back to the page that says my account is disabled and I must enter my credit card info. When I proceed, I am told that entering my credit card info will lead to a transaction payment. It comes full circle. Bah!
I just sent a note to the Support department. I hope they’ll help me out, even though I’ll no longer be a paying customer. If they can’t fix it and I have to pay, it will leave a sour taste in my virtual and real mouth and rest assured you’ll all get to hear about it!