SL Singapore meetup – simply cowed over!

After Alvin‘s prestigious appearance on page 2 of Saturday’s Straits Times, our nation’s most established newspaper, you would think that our virtual Lion City (here’s my self-built slurl for those who have yet to visit it) would be a spanking representation of Singapore life.
Imagine to my surprise when I logged on, landed at ‘Suntec City’, and discovered a wild dance party ensuing next door!
[Watch out for a video which will be added to this post soon. I’m uploading it right now! You have to see our dance moves and hear the music to get an idea of how crazy this was.]
Lion City_001Singaporean Second Lifers were dancing about with cows attached to their bodies. I heard a lot of ‘Moo’ sounds. Hardcore Ah-Beng disco music was playing.
Alvin, you have some explaining to do! 😛
I asked what was the significance of the Cow, but nobody answered me. I suggested it could be because Singaporeans like to ‘Cow Peh, Cow Moo’ (a phrase which sounds like ‘complaining’ in Hokkien).
Anyway, because I am Singaporean, I obediently conformed when a few people gave me a copy of the Cow and told me to join them. The Cow and I became one, and I learnt that I too could either make a ‘Moo’ sound, dance about or do other things which sounded less exciting.
Lion City_002Jee, as you can see, decided to do many more exciting things like pole dance. Later on, he swigged Tiger Beer (what else! Our national alcoholic beverage) and staggered around the dance floor.
Somebody gave me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, which I swigged, while still dancing with my cow. It made my Avatar go under the table – actually, under the floor!
After a while the music broke off, due to some streaming problems. So we all sat around the coffee tables and stoned, until someone got a bit of music back on!
It was just madness, people. But it helped us bond, ahem, in more ways than one.
BTW, when’s our next meetup? 🙂
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