SXSW panel updates

I’ve caught a sore throat, which is not surprising considering I’ve been running on a few hours of sleep for the past week, trying to attend a full-day conference, blog daily and do work as well. Thus I have decided to just focus on the conference and you will get my panel notes in good time.
For the first time, I walked out of a panel yesterday. I nearly did it again today. However the American Cancer Society panel was really useful, in the context of my work. They’re doing everything we hope to do (or at least, that’s what I hope to do). I also like the panels which help you improve work processes, getting ‘unstuck’ and making the most of a short attention span.
The keynote addresses have been relatively interesting. Dan Rather’s still pretty sharp. We gave him a standing ovation for his take on the media today (he feels they need a “spine replacement”).
I met up with Jeffrey Zeldman today to tell him in person that we started a Web Standards Group. Turns out there was no need to do so, as he had already read about it on my blog 🙂 I also sat in for the annual WaSP meeting. I’ll update my fellow Singapore Web Standards advocates on this later.
It’s time to sleep.
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