Weblog Awards – and the winners are…

I caught most of the Bloggies / Weblog Awards ceremony. Of the two Singapore blogs that were nominated, It’s Raining Noodles won best Teen Blog again. Alas, Popagandhi lost out to the Tokyo Girl Down Under.
And Arseblog won BEST SPORTS BLOG!!!! GO GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to post this really quick as my laptop battery’s about to die. More updates later.
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  1. Kevin

    OK, it’s hard to find female representations at geek conventions like these, so I’d like to introduce you to Leisa Reichelt, a User Experience Consultant, based in London UK, but recently of Sydney, Australia. She’s at SXSW, runs a blog at disambiguity.com and she’s on twitter as leisa as well. Maybe you gals can meetup in real life.

  2. vantan

    Aww Trey, congrats for getting nominated anyway! Like I said, who on earth can compete with the mighty Flickr Blog?!
    All the best. Keep on snapping away!

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