TV: The Next Generation

Official synopsis for TV: The Next Generation
TV - the next generationI signed up for this one because the TV/movie/video landscape has been changing considerably since tools like Youtube were invented. This was a combined SXSW film and interactive session, so the room was understandably crowded.
We were asked for a show of hands as to how many of us watched online video in the last week. Literally all our hands went up. And how many of us produced online video? I think many of the SXSW film makers raised their hands.
Main points I took home:
Web video’s become like indie video.
One panelist said that despite the boom in online video interest, this is still limited to the more tech-savvy people. The majority of people in this world still don’t know how to get at online video.
You can’t control whether users like your content. Neither can you control what users do to your content. The question is, are you OK with this? Can you let them embed your content on their own websites?
And whatever you do, you still have to be honest and authentic. I think this doesn’t just apply for video but for anything you do online now, like blogging.
I didn’t get very much out of this one because I think it was meant more for film makers who wanted to learn about the medium. I wasn’t wowed by any of their revelations.
My rating: 3/5.
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