SXSW scheduling

I am going through the vast range of SXSW Interactive Panels.
Already, for the Saturday morning period I’m torn between a CSS panel with well-known coders, and another panel on ‘Emerging Social and Technology Trends’ from the folks at Yahoo!, Wired, Engadget.
See, my affiliations with the Web Standards Group Singapore and the Social Media group are already at a conflict šŸ˜›
At a glance, this year there is more focus on video and gaming, whereas last year it was more on audio podcasting with some traces of blogging. Of course, the topic of Web 2.0 hasn’t gone out of fashion. But I’m mildly curious about the Lonelygirl15 case study too.
The Sunday 10am slot is also tearing me apart. Should I go for Convergent Devices (iPhone! iPhone), or Accessibility from the Trenches? Or even RSS marketing since I’m working on such a project at the moment.
The Metaverse isn’t ignored either. At 11.30am, the panel on Avatar-based marketing sounds futuristic enough to make me want to check it out. But speaking of virtual characters, what about the Hmm.
OK enough! It’s time to sleep. I’ll see if I can continue blogging at the airport.