VoIP trials in Second Life

Voice over IP trials in Second Life will begin in March, reports CNet. The beta stage will be free for all users. That’s about where the good news ends, because you may need lots of money to continue using it thereafter, notes 21talks.
VoIP is a great thing to have, though I wonder about time lag, which may vary depending on your network. Also, Second Life has a more international outreach compared to other chat programs which are usually confined to more closed groups of contacts. I wonder if I will be able to make out other people’s accents, and likewise for them. Typing also gives you time to think. You won’t stutter in text chat and you can always edit what you’ve just written, before hitting the Submit button.
Still, having VoIP creates many more possibilities for all sorts of activities in Second Life – from lectures to live performances and debates, and even … virtual sex with sound effects!?
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