Singapore Second Life meetup

October 30, 2006 1:18 AM | Comments (2)

Singaporean SL Group photo

We had our first SL Singapore meetup at 9pm last night. We took a group photo. Then Ivan, Kevin, Preetam, Alvin and I started talking geek, and the younger members slipped away. We moved to Chilin's Yacht. Thanks to Chilin for being such a tolerant hostess as we messed up the place with furniture, booze and weapons!

It's morning - breakfast time! We talked through SL evening to dusk. Then I made breakfast, and watched Ivan and Kevin engage in a Star Wars lightsaber battle.

In other SL news, I decided to sign up for a premium account while the L$400 monthly allowance still holds. Now shopping around for land. Like a real Singaporean - looking for condominiums!

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I'm sorry that I missed the meetup. Please let me know of the next one so that I could participate in it :)

Sure thing, Rinaz! As long as you join our Second Life Singapore group, I'm sure Alvin will keep you in the loop.

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