Mixed Grill update

To non-techies who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is with relation to a previous post about a special lifetime web hosting offer (Textdrive), combined with an enterprise-level sharing service (Joyent) and secure file storage (Strongspace).
I haven’t really done much with my 2GB Textdrive hosting account. I’ve yet to receive a Strongspace login id, but at least they wrote us an email to explain why – because they’re upgrading to new servers earlier than planned. Which is good.
That leaves me with Joyent to play around with, and it’s fairly nifty, although at this point in my life I don’t find it essential. I like the fact that I can tag my emails and files with keywords, and create smart groups comprising specific tags.
If you wonder why Textdrive doesn’t show many screen shots, that’s because there isn’t much to show of their self-made control panel, which is pretty plain and iconless – nothing like Cpanel. And because it doesn’t have Cpanel, it doesn’t have Fantastico, which is an auto-installer (meaning that you can create Content Management Systems, blogs, forums and other whatnots in an instant). Textdrive is obviously targetted at people who don’t need help installing things 😉
I’ve realised that we shouldn’t get so caught up doing tedious little technical things – which most people won’t notice in the end. But oh well, my money’s in, and I’ll make the most of the generous gigabytes of space I’ve acquired.
Interestingly, another friend’s web host is also making a lifetime web hosting offer. With Cpanel. This could be a new trend in web hosting. Good for people with money to spare, provided they’re also confident that the companies involved are trustworthy and creditworthy as well.