The Marriage of Flickr and Yahoo

Some Flickr users were up in arms when Yahoo! bought over Flickr’s parent company Ludicorp.
Off a tangent: Whenever I hear ‘Ludicorp’ I think ‘ludicrous’. And why is the co-founder’s last name ‘Fake’? Imagine when she’s quoted in the article.

“We care deeply about our community, and their worries are ours,” Ms Fake told the BBC News website.

But joking aside… Since I do have a Yahoo! account I decided to merge the two. After looking at the ‘marriage certificate’ I was about to submit, though, I hesitated.

Ready to merge your accounts?
The accounts you’ve chosen:
Yahoo! Vanessa Tan [emailaddress1]
Flickr vantan [emailaddress2]
What it means (aka READ THIS)
1. You will need to sign in to Flickr via Yahoo! from now on. [Why? I prefer Flickr’s interface. And frankly, I hardly ever use Yahoo for anything. I use Google for searching and Bloglines for reading feeds. Seriously I don’t want to log into Yahoo. ]
2. Any Flickry applications you’ve downloaded (like the Flickr uploaders or some of the kewl API applications other Flickr members have built) may not work anymore because your account details have changed. [How inconvenient is that? OK, it’s not like I have to change my operating system. But again, the user has to do the work. Why can’t the system accept there may be two different email addresses for each user, and leave it at that? ]
3. If that’s the case, you will need to get fresh copies and set them up again. (It may be that your favorite applications haven’t updated yet, so check with the developers before you merge.) [ In which case, I don’t want to merge until everything stabilises. ]

Despite recent hoo-ha about the acquisition and change of policy, Flickr proved useful in helping to identify this subway flasher dude. That should really see the jerk off. I mean, see him off … to jail.
And on the plus side, Flickr’s top-notch user interface will hopefully replace Yahoo!’s existing photo album section.


  1. tiggie

    i, too, was surprised when i tried to get things back to work after my HDD crashed 2 weeks ago… and i decided not to go ahead with the merge… have to re-install everything again anyways but i wasn’t sure i wanted to go via yahoo to use flickr…
    cool insect/ant picture btw!

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